Wish.com Promo code / Coupon Code / Up to 97% off!


Wish.com is a website and app that you can get items at a majorly discounted price. They are all mostly Chinese knockoff items, but they work. I have personally bought many things from them and I would say about 50% of the time it is a great deal! The other 50% of the time it’s very hit and miss, if it even shows up at all.

But why would you buy from there then you ask? Because Wish has your back.

“We provide guarantees on all Wish purchases. All items can be returned for a refund within 30 days of delivery. We’ll guide you through a few easy steps to return your item. Our customer service team is always here if you need help. “

More often than not, they will just give you your money back, and let you keep the item! I’ve ordered everything from car stereos, garden sprinkler systems, bluetooth speakers, solar lights, and even medicinal marijuana seeds! They have pretty much everything you can think of!

But I know why you are here. You want a promo code to get it as cheap as possible! Well if you have never used wish before first go download their app from the app store, and then enter the coupon code HFGVXLC and get up to 97% off! This code only works on the app and for your first order!

– Birthdaywish
– Boo

– Up to 97% off!
– 10% off on your birthday!
– Up to 50% off! (returning customers can use!)

Word of advice. You must enter the promo code/coupon code in your cart or via the “apply promo” in the menu. Enter the coupon code HFGVXLC