Vulcun Loot Giveaway autoclick script

EDIT: Check out the updated version HERE


    So I found an autoclick script for Jackpot giveaway (see full review here) way back when I started on Vulcun. It worked like a charm and got me a bunch of free skins. Now, just launched “Vulcun 3.0” which now incorporates loot giveaways every 30 mins during streams that you can win things such as full item skins, stickers, loot parts to create full skins, and crates which can have full skins or parts to make full skins.

So I decided, well if I can have a script to click on a button for the jackpot, why cant I do it for the loot drops. It should be easy right?

Sort of.

Vulcun makes the giveaways in a popup window that isn’t really a pop up.



So after some testing, and copying pretty much all of the code from the link above, I have crudely got it to work. The only thing is

  • it checks every 24 seconds because drops last ~25 seconds
  • it leaves the pop-up open but after testing, it still enters future giveaways
  • once a stream ends, it doesn’t know so it will continue checking even if no more giveaways are happening.
  • since drops are not on all streams at once, you could miss a drop if there are multiple streams. You can combat this by having a tab open for all streams and running the script on each.
  • the code is NOT optimized, I am aware there is extra crap that isn’t needed and doesn’t work. It’s an easy fix I know.

I plan (hopefully) to implement the following in the future

  • Close popup window
  • Cycle through live streams every 25-30 seconds then check for giveaway
  • Remove extra code that doesn’t work

Anyways, without further adieu here is the code (below the ads). If you have some help with the code, feel free. To use the code, simply right click and select “inspect element” on the page, then paste the code in the console and run it. Tested on Chrome, Edge and IE. Not tested on Firefox. Also, a warning, I think its against Vulcuns TOS.

function enterContest() {
    $('#enter-lootdrop').each(function() {
        if($(this).attr('disabled') == 'disabled') {
           console.log("button disabled: skipped");

        console.log("Button clicked");

setInterval(enterContest, 24000);

Here is a video proving it works (as of November 13 2015)