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Last month I posted a script I made (well, it was based on another script, so I guess modified) to work on and their giveaways that happen when you watch their live streams. It was good, but not great. Well, the original creator of the script that I based my script off of, not only made a script for Vulcun’s giveaway loot drops, he made mine look like absolute crap. This this is amazing.


Here are a list of the features / how it works:

  • Scans through all live streams on Vulcun – only need 1 tab
  • Blocks video stream for improved performance
  • Auto-clicks the loot popup
  • Continues to scan.
  • refreshes main stream page every 10 minutes.


Amazing right? All you need to do is simply go to Vulcun and start it up! Well, after you register and what not. Ok well, there is a little more than that. Here is what you do

    1. If you are running Chrome install Tampermonkey, If you are on firefox install Greasemonkey. If you are running IE / Edge this will not work for you. You will have to do the old fashion way here
    2. Install the script by clicking here
    3. Sign up for a vulcun account (if you haven’t already)
    4. Simply go to
    5. Make sure you allow popups from (either wait for the first popup and then click allow in your address bar, or go into your settings and manually input in your exceptions) – DOESN’T LOOK LIKE YOU NEED THIS ANYMORE BUT IT IS STILL IN THE OFFICIAL HOWTO
    6. Make sure your popups are in a new tab not a new window
    7. Profit!

Some things to note that I have noticed.

  1. The odd time the script will bug out by having a loot drop in the scanner tab. You will need to refresh the page to get it back on track
  2. As stated above, it doesn’t work (easily) on IE/Edge because of the need for plugins.
  3. THIS IS AGAINST VULCUNS TERMS OF SERVICE! Just like anything, use at your own risk. Don’t blame me if you get banned from the site. I haven’t been banned (yet).

Hopefully this script works for you like it does for me and if you would like to help the creator of the script, or have any feedback for him, head over to

Don’t forget to pair this with the jackpot script I linked here!

A video explaining more in detail

Happy Winning!




104 Comments on “Vulcun autoloot giveaway autoclick script”

    1. did you make sure you allowed popups from vulcun? and installed the plugins? its not like the old one that you inspect elements. if the code is working you will see a little #1 beside the icon. but it sounds like the popups are being blocked

      1. My biggest mistake i ever did on PC was to download this script becasue somehow this made my long lasting good PC really slow and FPS really low and i have no idea how to fix this, so if you have and suggestions on how to fix this youre free to talk

        1. vulcun has a massive amount of scripts running on their pages. if you leave them open, plus run another script to check all those scripts, your java memory runs out. try increasing your java memory. (google it) If the problem still

          Its not the scripts fault. If it happens after you close the site and browser, its definitely not the scripts fault.

  1. Everything works great except for one little aspect … Whenever the script opens a new tab for me it maximizes Google Chrome. I can’t say how annoying that is if you are at work and are running the script in the background. I’ve tried looking in Chrome’s settings to somehow disable it but so far have been unsuccesful. Any tips?

    1. its the same things for me, someone else brought it up on the scripts page. the authors response was “I can’t force the tab to go in background from script. It’s a browser thing”

    1. when you run it the first time there will be a little icon like in the picture. or if you go into the settings, just type “pop-ups” in the search and it will bring you to it. just type in [*]

  2. Doesn’t open new tabs. Does the little entry submitted waiting on refresh or whatever, but it doesn’t actually submit. When loot drop pops up in the main tab, the time runs down and it doesn’t click anything. Pop-ups are allowed on [*.] Not sure what’s wrong…

  3. Hello.

    It is a great script.
    But you should make it possible to select the streams you want drop from, because the admins of vulcun can ban an account or refuse to give you your win. They can explain that because there are multiple streams droping on the same tame.

    Keep the good work

    1. no idea, like I have said, I havent been caught on 4 accounts that run 24/7 with a 5th and 6th account also running when im not on my computer. (yet) but I have no idea how they detect. they say they will catch you if you multi account and what not, but unless you put the exact same info on each, they dont check very hard.

  4. im having problems with the script … it always says its starting but it doesn’t run i tried reinstalling it and chrome but still the same. anyone else experienceing problems with the scrip? should i switch over to firefox?

      1. Of course. The script runs for a while then i find it in the morning like that with very few new items when i used to get around 80-100 items per night.

        1. As I just restarted my computer, I noticed that 1 of my 4 were doing what you were saying. but it was the one that was on Chrome in incognito mode. would just all say starting and refresh every minute.

          I closed and reopened the page, did a manual page refresh when I was on vulcun, and it worked. Dunno.

          1. i think vulcun lootdrop is just bugged, i have been reading a lot of complaints from people and VulcunAnthony typed today saying that he re-started loots

  5. As per the creator

    INFO: Streams stuck in starting or not looting
    Vulcun is doing some maintenance, a lot of users on their chat are complaining that loot-pulse isnt showing. So it’s not the script’s fault, is for every vulcun user. You can check it with the script disabled. The page refresh is happening because the script is retrying if the streams are blocked in Starting… When vulcun will end their work, it will probably get back to normal… Thanks, Mihai.

  6. Hi, I’ve been usted this script for 5 days more o less and there’s always a part of the puzzles that I cannot get. They dont drop me that part in The loot drops.
    The part I cannot get is The one that is on The down right place.
    How do you get that part?

    1. you will not likely (if ever) get full items specifically from the loot drop. The only way to complete an item is by opening chests with a key that you can get from loot drops, or by using gold to buy a key from the market (if verified) or by leveling from XP by disenchanting

  7. Hi, I’ve seen that you’ve won lots of items with this script.
    So, I have a doubt.
    I’ve been using this script for a week more o less and I always receive partials that I already have.
    I can’t get The partial which is on The right down side. All The items that I have are like that.
    How do you get them to complete The items por how do you make The money?

    1. 99.9% of the items I get from the loot drops get disenchanted for gold and xp. I make the money by buying items with the gold in the marketplace on my verified accounts, or by the jackpot on my unverified accounts. I have only ever got 1 full set piece to combine and that was from opening a chest. the rest has all been wins or market.

      1. Once, I was with multiple accounts and thay banned me all of them except one.
        How do you do to not get banned?
        Is there any jackpot script and can I withdraw the items won on the jackpot without veryfying?

          1. I have 2 verified accounts, mine and my wifes, then 2 unverified accounts. those un-verified accounts run through google chrome incognito and firefox’s private browsing.

            you also need to have a separate steam account for each vulcun account and also, dont put the same info in vulcun.

            as for the jackpot script, yes, you just have to have 2 tabs open. 1 for loot drop, 1 for jackpot.

            jackpot script link can be found here (first line of post)

  8. For those wondering. Vulcun had some downtime. Script still works fine. Before commenting to say it doesnt work, please make sure its not just vulcun. You can check this by pausing the script and go back to vulcun. Also check vulcun chat. If people are complaining about loot there…its them. Most people using this should probably not be saying the script doesnt work on vulcun. So just wait it out.

  9. This thing is nice but i have a question
    When it says: Entry submitted! Rescanning the timer… Is it means i got in?
    Bcuz i didnt get any drop
    Band english xD

    1. Entry submitted means you are entered. Just cuz you didnt get a drop doesnt mean its not working. I know its working. Im getting 200+ items per account per day. Its not 100% drop rate. A way to verify to see if it is working is to pause the script and see what your bonus tickets are at. If they are more than 0 and you have run it for a bit…its working.

  10. Hi, vulcun has just updated the jackpot and it doesnt allow to use a “free enter”.
    What´s going to happen with the jackpot script then?

  11. Hi! I’ve been using this script for 2 days. Now idk why i get an error: Error in exception handler. Does that mean they patched it so we can’t use scripts?

    1. Stream lootdrop clicker is still up and working and yes im still using.

      Jackpot i am still using yes but only when i am on the computer due to the captcha. I just check them every 5-10 mins to redo captcha. From what anthony was saying in chat today, i am also adding 2 more accounts but then rotating them. So they arent all online 24/7. So i dont get times banned.

      1. Do you use different steam accounts for the vulcun accounts? And do you think you can get banned for the lootdrop clicker?

        1. yes you have to have a different steam account for every vulcun account.

          and you probably can get banned. dunno. but, if I get banned, oh well, ive made my money 🙂 This past week alone I made $30

          1. i am use lootdrop script for 2 weeks, and win only 3$. a have 500> items but only 3$ in my steam account. how you did it??
            Sorry for my english

  12. Hey. whether it is possible to create a Captcha Alert or whatever sound or highlighting the window shows that it is necessary to enter .

    1. the script still works…but your account may be banned. if you no longer get any loot but can be on the site, you are probably loot banned.

      my accounts just were that I run 24/7. oh well. it was good while it lasted. i made over $500 in 5 months.

      lastly, for the final time, I did not write this script. only shared it.

      1. What are the best ways to make real money on this site. I still have not been able to make a full weapon skin.

  13. Hi, I’ve been using the script happily (but carefully) for about a week now. I run the script for a few hours and then turn it off for a few hours and repeat. Over those few hours, I would get ~60 drops, but ever since yesterday, I am getting 0 drops. I run the script and it shows I’ve entered, but I don’t get anything. Also when I try to legit join a drop, I dont win. What’s happened? Do you think Vulcun has cut me off?

    (I’ve tried running the script for 5 hours and got no drops)

  14. Is it really illegal to use this script ? i know that u get a ban for that , but can i upload my ID without getting a real punishment for that ?
    Thx for answering & thx for the script 🙂

  15. Hi Kass,

    Good day!

    May I know if the script is still working as of writing?
    I was amazed how this script can do, let me know pls.

    1. script works yes, but it all bots/autoclickers/etc are being easily detected by vulcun now. they watch peoples “play” time. if you enter every drop for hours…they ban you

  16. Hey, was just curious about something, I’ve been using the script for 2 days now, (with breaks in between) and have gotten a good chunk of loot, however now for some reason i haven’t gotten a single item in the past few hrs, but the the script seems to be working since the extra loot tickets keep going up and loot seems to be dropping normally, any ideas? I highly doubt i’m simply just unlucky, since I’d get 5-6 drops in less then 30 minutes constantly.

  17. Hello!
    I have the script for 3 month and works perfectly until now. thank you for that!
    The problem is the page never stop reload. Maybe Vulcun have done smothing abaut the scripts?

  18. Does it work anymore at all? My page keeps refreshing every 10 seconds instead of 10 minutes and the pulse does not appear if the script is activated, stuck on “Starting…” Any fix on this or just Vulcun? Manually entering still works and pulse shows up normal if page is not refreshed.

  19. Hi man I download and try this script but it reload page every 10 SECONDS and it seems like not enter a lootdrop and the scans is in “scaning” every time. I can’t understand scripts so if someone can help me it was great!

        1. I may reply if your illiterate ass was able to read. Ive said many times I dont do it anymore, and I dont know. I’ll post it again even though it’s in big ass text the very first thing in the page, so who knows if you will actually read it….but…

          “Hopefully this script works for you like it does for me and if you would like to help the creator of the script, or have any feedback for him, head over to

          In other words, why not ask the actual creator of the script and not someone who shares it?

  20. Hello. I installed the script and the tampermonkey. I opened a new tab in chrome- “”. The page is reloading every ten seconds. The script is activated. and it says “starting” in every stream.

    I’ll wait for a answer.

  21. can u link me the original creator’s page??? i need to know if this script works
    thanks and have a nice day
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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