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Swordsman Intro Movie & Beta Info


Swordsman, the upcoming free to play MMO developed by Perfect World Entertainment, will start closed beta on June 16th. They have been polishing up their game and cinematics trying to get ready for launch. The game is set on the popular wuxia novels of Louis Cha. Players will explore martial arts through 10 different classes of schools and master their domain. To get beta access you can sign up here. But the main reason for this post is to share the games awesome cinematic intro. I cannot wait for June 16th toRead More

Loadout – Update 4.0

Loadout 4.0 Patch Notes

  Yesterday, the free to play game Loadout released their 4.0 patch. The major part of this update was to include private matches so you can play against your friends in a 4v4 matter. If you haven’t heard of and don’t know what Loadout is, take a look at our review!     Here is a full list of the 4.9 changelog:   Private Playlist Players now have the ability to create their own private matches with their friends or foes. The private match system is limited to 2 to 8Read More

Toribash Review – Free to play


  Game: Toribash Website: Developer: Independent Console: PC, Linux, Mac, & WiiWare (1000 wii points)     Toribash. The game that looks like there is absolutely nothing to it but ragdolls. The game in which you probably would see a picture of it and flip through to the next one. But really, it’s a game in which you have to try. Toribash came onto steam as of May 16th 2014 but has been out since 2006. And yet, people are still playing it. The description from – “Toribash isRead More

Ascend: Hand of Kul – PC Review

Game: Ascend: Hand of Kul Website: Developer: Console: PC     Ascend: Hand Of Kul, a free-to-play game, was just released on Steam on May 20th 2014. The game is currently in beta and well, it kind of shows. The concept behind Ascend: Hand of Kul is a solid one. A free-to-play RPG that has seamless integration of single player and multiplayer. While your game is mainly single player, and you have majority of the control in what you do, others have the ability to somewhat change how you do it. YouRead More

Loadout – PC Review


  Website: Game Developer:       Loadout. From the makers of the Mass effect trilogy, The Sims and The Sims 3, and Dragon Age: Origins (working along side bioware). This Free-to-Play game is a cartoon deathmatch available through Steam. But don’t take cartoon as a bad thing. The graphics are extremely well done and the game physics are amazing. Everything on the players move. Even things you wish didn’t. (somewhat NSFW) There are 3 customizable  characters you can choose. 2 male and 1 female. To customize your characters you go toRead More

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