Toribash Review – Free to play


  Game: Toribash Website: Developer: Independent Console: PC, Linux, Mac, & WiiWare (1000 wii points)     Toribash. The game that looks like there is absolutely nothing to it but ragdolls. The game in which you probably would see a picture of it and flip through to the next one. But really, it’s a game in which you have to try. Toribash came onto steam as of May 16th 2014 but has been out since 2006. And yet, people are still playing it. The description from – “Toribash isRead More

Arma 3 – PC Review

Arma 3 Review

  Website: Game Developer: Bohemia Interactive Console: PC   So, I, like many people, picked up Arma 3 this weekend during Bohemia Interactive’s 15th anniversary. Nothing like picking up a game at 40% off. I mainly picked it up because I am waiting for Arma 3 Epoch to come out. I personally don’t think buying games for $60 is worth it. But, like I’ve said before, I’m cheap. So without further adieu here is the Arma 3 review.       Graphics & Audio First things first. This graphicsRead More Review Review

As a computer guy, like most, I like to build my own computers. Why? Because you can get 2x the power and performance for the same price as a pre-built computer. I usually get my computer parts from or and the odd time I had always wondered about these “pre-built” computer sites and if they were really worth it. From my experience (I shouldn’t say my experience since I’ve never bought a pre-built), when my sister ordered a pre-built computer from a few years ago, the experienceRead More

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