Applike Referral link for free mCoins and Explaination


  Applike. Sound’s like an app that all you do is rate things. Let me tell you, it’s not. It’s not a store, it’s not a game, it’s an in-between app. It picks apps based on what you have installed on your phone and recommends other apps for you….in which you can get paid REAL MONEY to play. At first I thought it had to be a scam. I mean why would a company just give away free money for playing games. Applike‘s official description of their game is Data-drivenRead More

Spotify app database hacked

Spotify has said on their webpage today that Android users should update their Spotify app because of a recent hack. Apparently one user had their account compromised. No details past that were given but I am sure the affected user has been notified. As for everyone else, Spotify is recommending you update your app, change your password and they will be forcing you to re-enter your password in the next day or so, even if you have it saved.

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