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  Applike. Sound’s like an app that all you do is rate things. Let me tell you, it’s not. It’s not a store, it’s not a game, it’s an in-between app. It picks apps based on what you have installed on your phone and recommends other apps for you….in which you can get paid REAL MONEY to play. At first I thought it had to be a scam. I mean why would a company just give away free money for playing games. Applike‘s official description of their game is Data-drivenRead More

Rival Knights Android Review

rivial knights feature

Rival Knights, the free action game that is bringing back the fun of horse jousting, was released on the Google Play store on June 4th 2014. The game is currently in version 1.0.0o and was developed by Gameloft. The games you, a knight, in a ladder style game in which you have to beat your way to the top and become the all-powerful knight. There really is no other story line to the game. They tried to put SOME story in it, it starts out as you, the no-name wannabeRead More

100 ballz – Android App Review

100 ballz

  A new free game was released a couple weeks ago on the Google play store called 100 ballz. Yes, that’s ballz with a Z. The copy is from iOS 100 balls (yes with an S). For such a simple game it is extremely addicting.   The premise of the game is simple, you drop your balls from the large container into the buckets that slide by below. Balls that go into the bucket get deposited back into the large holding container, balls that you miss slip away into oblivion.Read More

Google Chromecast Review – Canada


  The Google Chromecast has been out in Canada since March, and even though I have had mine since before it was released in Canada (yes the American Chromecast works in Canada), I haven’t reviewed for some reason, and I figured it was about time. Especially since now there are plenty of apps to help it out.   I will start off by saying Canadians definitely get the short end of the stick in the freebies category that the Americans get when they buy a Chromecast. We get the Chromecast,Read More

Moto X – Save $100 off of a contract free phone!

moto x

  Motorola has put a sale on for June 4th & 5th on their website for the Moto X. The phone is contract free but unfortunately is only for US customers.. The 2 day sale is offering $100 of off the Moto X. The phone deal is for the 32GB model and you can design your phone how you want. That is the nice thing about the Moto X. It fits your personality. The phone normally costs $399.99 for the 32GB so you will be able to get it at $299.99Read More

Watch_Dogs Companion: ctOS for Android Review

centOS (Watch_Dogs Mobile) logo

  Ubisoft released a companion app on May 27 2014 to play with / against other Watch_Dog players from your Android. The game is officially called Watch_Dogs Companion: ctOS on the Google Play store and on its initial launch had the same problems as Watch_Dogs did with the UPlay servers. It was very buggy and hard to log in but that could just be because they are connected to the same servers. Now that the hype of initial release has died down, there doesn’t seem to be anymore UPlay login problems. From sayingRead More

Catan Android Review

catan logo

Catan, (also know as Settlers of Catan) the legendary board game that you can spend countless hours playing over and over with your friends, is also available as an app. The app isn’t new, but I definitely believe it is an app worth reviewing. As sad as it sounds, every night while lying in bed waiting to go to sleep, I always play a game of Catan before I fall asleep, if that is any indication of how this review is going to go and how good this game is.Read More

Spotify app database hacked

Spotify has said on their webpage today that Android users should update their Spotify app because of a recent hack. Apparently one user had their account compromised. No details past that were given but I am sure the affected user has been notified. As for everyone else, Spotify is recommending you update your app, change your password and they will be forcing you to re-enter your password in the next day or so, even if you have it saved.

LG G3 Smartphone to be launched tomorrow – We got the specs!


So LG is about to launch the new LG G3 smartphone tomorrow and with that, LG has “leaked” out some information. Correction, not some information, pretty much all information. Spec’s, features, everything. So what’s it got? Here is a quick “review” of the phone from the information we have been given.   Screen  The G3 has a “unique Quad HD display” with 538 ppi (parts per inch) with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 measuring at 5.5 inches tall. Why do people need a screen this big? I don’t know. (goesRead More

Samsung making Virtual Reality headset for phones & tablets?

Samsung making a virtual reality headset

Samsung, according to endgaget and Business Insider, is reportedly heading into the virtual reality market for its android phones and tablets. The Korean giant known for televisions, smart phones, and tablets, along with lesser known washers, dryers, and blood testing equipment, has dipped its fingers into another product line.  It’s supposed to be officially announced later this year, but it seems that Samsung is following in the footsteps of fellow VR headset makers Facebook’s Oculus Rift and Sony’s Project Morpheus to make a product to work with Samsung devices powered by Samsung devices suchRead More

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