– Review & Referral link / Free crates / Win free stuff for just watching streams! - is a fairly new website that I stumbled upon recently. I can’t remember how I did, but so far, in the few days I have been on it, I have won stuff for simply watching streams. How you say? Well let me explain. Then I will go over my review of it.

But first, most of you are probably just here to get my referral link to get free crates! So here it is! Click, sign up, get your free crate and get to winning!

So how does this all work?

Well, it all starts around coins. They (for some reason) are called many different things on the website like GFUEL Giveaway Entries, NICKMERCS Giveaway Tickets, Coins, etc. But they all mean the same thing. Those coins are gathered 1 of 2 ways. By watching streams, or by getting them in crates. You get the most from opening crates anywhere from 5000-50,000 if that is what you get from the crate. I will go into more about whats in crates later. You then use those coins to bet on streams on various actions such as “will X person get a win by X time” or will X person get X followers by X time” and so on. Each time you guess correctly, you get tickets to the raffle for that question. More coins you bet, more tickets you have and therefor more chances to win. There are usually a grand prize, secondary prize and then all other ticket holders for that draw get a crate. And then the cycle continues. Bet often on all streams so you maximize your chances.

Also found in crates are what is called Theta. This is the main currency to buy things in the store. You can also find Paypal cards, amazon card, mousepads, mice, gfuel gear, DrDisrespect gear and more! You can also get Theta in raffles and by selling stuff you dont want from crates or raffles back to Sliver.

With that, that is about all I am going to go into here on how to’s. If you want to learn more, visit their website by clicking here. It’s really not rocket science, just bet often and so far since Jan 2nd 2019 I have won;

EDIT: Update April 1st 2019
Razer Abyssus Gaming Mouse (Received)
– Limited edition GFuel starter kit (shaker + 7 test packets) (sold back)
– $5 gift card (Then converted to $5 Paypal by the site)
– A Free 70cm x 30cm World of Warcraft mousepad (Received)
– A Free 70cm x 30cm Call of Duty mousepad (Sold back)
– A League of Legends Teemo hat (Sold back)
– A Fortnite Llama Plush (Sold back)
– 6 Premium random up to $40 value steam game key (Ended up being Homefront, The 39 Steps, Quarentine, 3SwitcheD, Deadlight, Streets of Rogue)
– 5 Under $10 Value steam game key (Ended up being 2x Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition, Square Headed Zombies, Beat Cop, and Eschalon Book II )
– $10 off promo code (Sold back)
– Lots of  15% off store coupon (Sold back)
– Lots of 10% off coupon (Sold back)
– A ton of crates

All for free! You can see from my screenshot that I have won a 29 giveaways! (thats the bigger stuff) You don’t get badges for the small crate wins.

So get going. Win stuff for something you probably already do. Watching Twitch steams and get free stuff!

Here is my referral link again. Get your free crate and coins by clicking a referral link.

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