Samsung Master – bringing old school flip phones back

Samsung making a virtual reality headset

Samsung making a virtual reality headset


If you are in South Korea that is.


Samsung has release flip phones to the South Korean market to cater to those who “respected old generation”.┬áThe phones are equipped with 2G and 3G recievers (sorry no 4G for you LTE folk) FM radios, 3 inch screen, and super awesome faux leather for a professional Samsung look. This phone is NOT android powered. It has a 3MP camera and a 1,000mAh battery and its speakers go to about 70db.

Officially called the “Samsung Master” line, it will cost you around 240,000 won or about $235 USD.

The phone measures 112.5 x 57.5 x 14.8mm when closed and is available in Metallic silver and Montblanc Black at launch with Wine Red coming soon.


I personally like a flip phone over the now standard tablet in my pocket style phone. Which is probably why I have a case that flips. And it seems like other people do also. China has a growing line of flip phones being released by Samsung. I wonder how long till they make their way back over to this side of the world that is more than just the puny T159.


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