Samsung making Virtual Reality headset for phones & tablets?

Samsung making a virtual reality headset

Samsung making a virtual reality headset

Samsung, according to endgaget and Business Insider, is reportedly heading into the virtual reality market for its android phones and tablets. The Korean giant known for televisions, smart phones, and tablets, along with lesser known washers, dryers, and blood testing equipment, has dipped its fingers into another product line.  It’s supposed to be officially announced later this year, but it seems that Samsung is following in the footsteps of fellow VR headset makers Facebook’s Oculus Rift and Sony’s Project Morpheus to make a product to work with Samsung devices powered by Samsung devices such as the Note 3 and high end tablets.


The new VR headset is not the rumoured Samsung glass that people have been talking about, as developers already have their hands on it. Its more in the lines of “ski goggle headset” then a set of glasses or monocle. Reports are saying that it’s equipped with an OLED screen, which is the same or better, than Oculus Rift’s second dev kit.


All this tech that Samsung is pumping out, is because they are trying to beat out the competition. I mean, timing is everything in the technology world, but there seems to be a bit of a problem with that. There are supposedly no tablets or phones on the market right now, that can fully power the new VR Headset than Samsung is making. So does that mean that Samsung is going to pump out a new super powered phone or tablet soon?


I guess we will just have to wait and see.