Bet on ESports…FREE! and make real money!


I just found this site about a month ago, and let me say, it’s amazing. If you haven’t heard of it, its called Vulcun. The peeps over at describe the site as

Vulcun is a fantasy and media platform for League of Legends, Counter-strike: Global Offensive, Defense of the Ancients 2, Call of Duty, and Hearthstone. We offer the largest prize pools in the industry with both free and paid leagues.

The down and dirty is, you do not have to EVER put money in if you don’t want to. Both my wife and I have accounts at Vulcun and she has put $0 into her account and she is up $20 in CS:GO skins and $9 in real money on the site to use for future betting. My account I have put in $10 and I am up $40 in CS:GO skins and $15 in real money on the site. In total, we have only put $10 in of real money, and have won $84 total. That’s $74 of pure profit!



So you ask, how do you make money?vulcun signup

There are 2 main ways of making money. By betting on fantasy games, and by winning CS:GO skins and selling them on the steam market.


First things first, you have to sign up. Head over to (just click the link) and sign up! Depending on the current promotion there will be different things available at start up. Currently there is a free CS:GO skin if you enter your credit card on sign up. Usually valued at around $10. You don’t have to do it. You just won’t get a free $10 skin. Like I said before, you never have to put any money or credit card info in if you don’t want! If you do want to use real money or buy gold, make sure you use my promo code of kassquatch (or just click the links here) and you get 100% deposit or gold purchase match. I mean, who wouldn’t want double their money?


vulcun fantasyFrom there you will have some free gold in your account. Usually around 250 gold. Gold is what you use if you want to bet on fantasy, gold betting, jackpot or the marketplace. Lets go into detail on each.


Fantasy – Here is where you bet on ESport matches of CS:GO, League of Legends, Smite, Dota 2, Call of duty and more. If you have ever done any sport fantasy leagues, its exactly the same. Pick you best players within the salary cap, and hope you win! They range from free (in which you can win $1) to $500, or gold bets of 10000g. It is super simple. This is the only place you can win and bet REAL money.


Gold Betting – Here is where you bet on individual matches. You can bet anywhere from 1 to your max gold on things like who will win, who has most kills, who will win round 5, etc. You can also do gold betting on the Live! page when you are watching matches.  But if you want to bet ahead of time, you do it here.

vulcun jackpot


Jackpot – This is my favourite place. Here you can enter for free to win LOL, CS:GO, DOTA2, Hearthstone & COD items and prizes. I’ve even seen the odd few Smite things. As long as you have 1 gold in your account, you can enter the free draw. It doesn’t take the 1 gold, but you need to have 1 gold in order to play. So remember that. So if a CS:GO AWP skin comes up that’s worth $7, you can bet whatever you want to try and win. It would be smart not to bet more than 7000 gold (1000g = $1) as the skin is only worth $7 but if all your gold was earned for free, then, free is still free, no matter how much you paid. I have won most of my winnings here. Finally, if you bet more than just a free ticket, you get 90% of your gold back if you don’t win. So you can keep on betting! Of course, if you win something, you don’t get your gold back.


vulcun marketplaceMarketplace – Here is where if you have lots of gold, you can buy CS:GO skins from them. I usually wait until there is a sale going on, then you can make some good real money off the skins by selling them on the steam market. This is also a good money maker but requires a bit of research to see what is selling for what on the steam market. Prices range from 30 gold to 3,000,000 gold ($0.03 to $3000 real money)


It is all extremely simple to use. The website is easy to navigate, the bets are clear on who you are voting for, and if you ever have any problems you can send a support ticket or even call them! I mean, who doesn’t like free money. And if you are a gamer like me, and follow the ESports circuit, might as well make some free money off of it right? So what are you waiting for! Head over to and start now! If you already play there, let me know how you did in the comments below!