Nvidia releases their most powerful card ever



Nvidia just announced and released their most powerful card ever. The GeForce GTX TITAN Z. Nividia boasts that the GeForce GTX TITAN Z is far more powerful than their previously released TITAN series; the GTX TITAN Black and GTX TITAN.


A technical masterpiece, designed from top to bottom for record breaking performance, the innovatively-designed GTX TITAN Z has 12 GB of 7 Gbps video memory, 5,760 CUDA Cores, and two GK110 GTX TITAN Black GPUs to power 3840×2160, max setting gaming experiences in the latest and greatest games.

According to Nvidia, the new cards are powerful enough when put together in a group of three on a TITAN Z  accelerated server, to power Google Brain, Google’s massive $5 million neural server.



This card is a beast. Here is Nvidias full explanation on the card.

No word on the price but I’m sure it’s pricey.