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Goodfood (formerly known as Culiniste) was launched in January 2015 in Montreal. The founders, Jonathan Ferrari and Neil Cuggy, were inspired by the many companies in the United States whom offer meal kit delivery service. As with many of these services, Goodfood delivers the exact quantity of ingredients needed in a refrigerated box along with all the necessary instructions. Once the customer has his box in hand, all that is left to do is cook. The box is delivered even if you are not at home, and it is refrigerated to keep your ingredients fresh. Once the meal kit is delivered, all you must do is put your ingredients in the fridge.

How Goodfood works

To benefit from Goodfood services, you must subscribe to them. Then, each week you can select 2 to 4 recipes out of the 7 offered by Goodfood. You will then receive a box with all the necessary ingredients as well as detailed recipe cards. Your ingredients are delivered in a box with thermal protection and icepacks which keeps the meals fresh during transportation. The delivery man has instructions to leave to box at your doorstep if nobody is home. Most of the ingredients keep for a week after the box is delivered.

You can skip weeks you don’t want. Which makes it easy to plan if you are going away. It gives you a handy calendar to easily track if you have skipped or not.

Is worth it?

I definitely say so, at least to start. If you use this link you can get a $40 credit towards your meals! That could be more than 50% off depending on what you order!

It saves your time from shopping, deciding what to make, and it’s easy. And this is coming from someone who hates to cook and shop for food.

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