Logitech G105 Review

Logitech G105

Simple yet effective.

Logitech G105

As a long time gamer and now a writer/reviewer, keyboards are the thing that I am most picky about when I am on my computer. It doesn’t have to have a million bells and whistles, it doesn’t need to have a separate gaming pad, it just needs to feel right. From $14.99 to $149.99 I have bought every price range between, and some of the best keyboards I have ever had are in the $29.99 range. That is until, I purchased the Logitech G105 for $59.99 a few months ago.



Logitech G105 G Keys

For me, a good design for a keyboard is well, your typical 1990’s keyboard. It can have the extra stuff as long as it has the basic keys in the right places. The arrow keys need to be separate, the numpad needs to be on the far right, also separate, and the enter/return key, should NOT be 2 rows high. I surely cannot be the only one who despises a 2 row high enter key. Well, good news for those who want those things. The G105 is your standard keyboard layout with some extra keys. It has what is called the “G keys” and “M keys” on the left hand side of the keyboard. These keys are used to make macro’s or keybinds with using the Logitech gaming software. Each G key can be programmed with an M key, to give 18 total macro keys.  The only design flaw of the G105 is the fact that the G1 and G2 keys are extremely close to the escape key and while gaming, I tend to hit the G1 and G2 keys all the time. It was very frustrating at first, especially in games where I bought all those keys to something. I ended up just binding G1 to use the ESC key also and haven’t looked back since. Still, instead of separating them into 3 groups of 2, they should of just made 1 group of 6 slightly lower, or even 2 groups of 3. The only other extra keys you get on the G105 is the “Do not use windows key while in a game” key. That is that weird icon on the top middle of the keyboard. When it’s lit up, its active, meaning you cannot use your windows key to exit out of full screen games accidentally (or on purpose). It is a great life saver when you are in those games where you use alt or ctrl as a key modifier. Has saved me in Dota 2 and League of Legends many times. There are multi-use keys you get with the FN (Function) key that uses your F6 to F12 to use to control your music. Other than that, there is no email, internet, you get the picture. Only the G keys. But the neat thing is, you can program those keys to do all of that within the Logitech gaming software. The software makes the keyboard be whatever you want it to be. You hate having to hold down the run button while running in the wilderness in Minecraft? Do what I do, program a keystroke key, to hold run while toggled, and jump every 5 seconds. This way you can get around those hills without having to hold onto your keyboard. Man that sounds lazy.


The keyboard is a fairly quiet keyboard, but yet still has the key feel to it that lets you know you have actually hit a key. I cannot stand keyboards that you don’t know if you hit the key or not because they are so soft and there is no feedback. Maybe it’s because I grew up on those 1980’s/1990’s computers that seemed like they would click at 100 decibels. The G105 definitely is a nice compromise of clunkiness and quietness.


Logitech G105There is also a blue backlight to the G105 which illuminates the keyboard well in the dark. There are 3 settings to the brightness. Off, low and high. There are no other colors available but I think the blue LED works well with the black background of the keyboard. The one thing I do not get is why the G105 has a red back with a black and blue front. The key lettering is not painted on which is very nice. They are clear inscribed so they will not wear out as fast. The coloring of the actual key will wear out before you lose sight of what the label is. The WASD and arrow keys are colored grey to stand out and I actually think that is a neat concept. The only downfall to this is I can see the keys getting worn out and being more noticeably worn than if it was the same color as the rest of the keys. What gamers WASD keys don’t ware down before every other key.


Other than that there isn’t much more to say about the keyboard. It’s a decent priced keyboard, and definitely on the low price range for a keyboard with additional buttons and features and you get the Logitech name and software behind it. The keyboard goes great with the Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse I have. I highly suggest the combo. Have you used it? Tell me what you think!


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3-year Limited hardware warranty

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Windows® 8, Windows® 7, or Windows® Vista
Mac OS® X 10.4 or later
Available USB port
20 MB of available hard disk space
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