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Website: www.loadout.com
Game Developer: http://www.edgeofreality.com/




Loadout characters

Loadout. From the makers of the Mass effect trilogy, The Sims and The Sims 3, and Dragon Age: Origins (working along side bioware). This Free-to-Play game is a cartoon deathmatch available through Steam. But don’t take cartoon as a bad thing. The graphics are extremely well done and the game physics are amazing. Everything on the players move. Even things you wish didn’t. (somewhat NSFW) There are 3 customizable  characters you can choose. 2 male and 1 female. To customize your characters you go to the outfitter tab. Here you can change the 3 default characters and rename them, or start fresh. I simply picked the chick, and named her woof. I know that’s not very nice but hey. Once you decide what character you want, you can customize them. This is where the game makes their money. As all Free-to-Play games, there is a pay-to-win or pay-to-look-cool option. Here is the play-to-Loadout Customizationlook-cool option. There are on average about 10-20 options for each part of the body to choose from. Of course, each thing costs in game coins, which can be bought. If you are lucky, you can win outfits as part of the daily win bonus so you don’t have to pay for the items. Another cool feature is the taunts. They make your character dance when you press the key (and have other hidden abilities during certain game modes). My favourite is the 80’s dance. It makes your character do “The Carlton”.


Once you get your character how you want it. It’s time to create your first weapon. That’s right. You can customize your weapons to how you want. There are a ton of combinations to choose from. You can customize your weapon from the weaponcrafting menu. The higher level you go, the more guns you can have, or, Loadout Weaponcraftingif you have money to burn, you can buy slots. There are way to many combinations to list here of weapon types and there is no real best combination. It all depends how you play and what the map is. I personally have a slug fire gun, a slug bullet rifle, a healing beam and a rocket launcher. You buy things for your weapons via blutes in which you get for playing matches. You have enough to make a starter gun, and I would upgrade it a bit once you start getting some blutes.  But what I do suggest, is once you make a gun to your liking, stick with it for a while. You gain XP for every part your gun has and when you have enough XP it levels up and gains perks. Which leads up to the Tech Tree.


Loadout Tech TreeThe Tech Tree is where your XP shows and where you can level up via blutes. You can buy different grenades, skills, turrets, weapon upgrades, XP upgrades all in this tree. You can also do this in the weaponcrafting page but the Tech Tree shows you what you need to buy first to get to the next level of upgrades. Obviously the higher you get in levels for said item, the more it costs to upgrade. When your item reaches max XP, the unlock or upgrade button will go from grey to red and you will get the next level of the item. Once you see what path you want to go, and you built your weapon, you have to put the weapon in a loadout.


You can have 2 weapons and a item in each loadout with the item being grenades, turret, jump boots, etc. You only get 1 loadout to start but you gain more as you level.  You can switch loadouts in game so you aren’t stuck with a loadout for a whole match. Simply right click when you die to switch loadouts once you have more than one.  Once you have finished this, you are ready to frag!


Go to your fight screen and choose your battle. There are 2 different game modes. Normal and Ranked. Normal you can play against other people or against bots. So if you wanna practice before going into the real thing, Loadout Fightpick bots. I think this is a neat idea for people to get their feet on the ground before getting pub-stomped. The Ranked mode just has ranking for you. Same maps and such, just a ranking. It seems more geared towards groups.  Speaking of groups, the games a 4 v 4. You can create a party when you join with your friends and you can join games together. Sometimes, because of lack of people available, it will put your friends on the opposite team. I kind of find that annoying because it will add bots anyways after the game is loaded. So why not just put your team together. The game usually fills right after the start anyways even if there isn’t enough players to start the game. In the game lobby you vote to decide what game mode you want. There are 5 different types of game modes. Blitz, Death Snatch, Domination, Extraction, and Jackhammer. This is nice so the game doesn’t get monotonous. There is also a mode called Annihilation for ranked play.


Loadout Lobby(Game descriptions taken from loadout.com official site)

Blitz – Capture the active control point to score. The more players in proximity to the control point the faster it captures. Taunting in the capture zone also speeds up the process—but makes the capping team an easier target. The closer a team gets to capturing, the longer it will take the other team to capture the point.

Death Snatch – Every kill counts—as long as the Blutonium vial gets picked up. Picking up the red vials dropped by dead opponents scores your team points. Deny the other team from scoring by grabbing the green vials dropped by dead allies. It’s vital to stick together in Death Snatch so that there’s someone left alive to grab the vials and score points.

Domination – Capture the control points to score. 3 static points on the map. The more players in proximity to the control point the faster it captures. Taunting in the capture zone also speeds up the process—but makes the capping team an easier target. The closer a team gets to capturing, the longer it will take the other team to capture the point. Hold the points. More flags = more points.

Extraction – Grab the unrefined Blutonium scattered over the map and take it to the grinder bins for processing—and points. Stop the other team from scoring by killing their collector. When a collector dies, another player on the team is randomly chosen. Unrefined Blutonium is incredibly volatile when shot or thrown—watch out!

Jackhammer – Forget capturing flags. Capture the enemy’s hammer and take it back to your base while protecting your own to score. Oh, and the hammer is a brutal melee weapon. Smashing enemies with it nets more points on a successful capture. Steal the hammer -> smash people -> profit.

Annihilation (Ranked) – For serious competitors we have Annihilation, which combines elements from Blitz, Death Snatch, and Jackhammer into one humongous pot of hardcore: cap the points, cap the vials, and cap the hammer! Win Annihilation by racking up ten thousand Team Points, thereby lowering the enemy shields so you can blow up their dropship. Boom!


After all this, you run around and destroy!  The gameplay is very fun. But, I have found that the network can be glitchy. What happens a lot of the time is you kill someone, then 1-3 seconds later they kill you. I understand bullet time and such, but when 2 melee’s are going at it, the last melee hit should be the kill and the dead person shouldn’t be able to get a kill back. There are only 2 complaints I have about this game. One of them being this. The other, is the fact that matches are only 4v4.  I believe this game would be amazing if it was 5v5 or even 6v6. It would just be pure carnage.

Here is a Death snatch gameplay video. Don’t mock my skill. It was early in the morning when I did this!

So there you have it. Loadout. It’s very fun to play. Very nice to get a quick frag in. You don’t have to wait forever to get into a match and you can play with your friends. Would I recommend it? Yes. Its free. Why not.

GO GET IT!  www.loadout.com or through steam!