Loadout – Update 4.0

Loadout 4.0 Patch Notes

Loadout 4.0 Patch Notes


Yesterday, the free to play game Loadout released their 4.0 patch. The major part of this update was to include private matches so you can play against your friends in a 4v4 matter. If you haven’t heard of and don’t know what Loadout is, take a look at our review!



Here is a full list of the 4.9 changelog:


Private Playlist

Players now have the ability to create their own private matches with their friends or foes. The private match system is limited to 2 to 8 players at any given time, with an option to turn on or off the “bot filler”. Uneven teams are supported, with or without bots. Players will not earn rewards such as blutes or XP and will not progress through the game while playing in a private match. Party leader is able to choose the map and mode to their liking and AFK players will not timeout if away from the private match screen.

  • 2-8 players
  • Bot fillers can be turned on/off
  • No AFK timeout
  • No end game screen/ No progression, blutes, XP


New Level: Comm Tower

Comm Tower coming your way for Deathsnatch, Blitz, Domination, Extraction and Jackhammer.


Additional patch information

  • Age Gate (17+ restriction for new players)
  • Refinements to the Casual Matchmaking algorithm

Outfitter Items

  • Helga
    • Fattoos
    • Sci-Fi Pads (Orange)
    • Sci-Fi Shirt (Orange)
  • T-Bone
    • Orgasm Donor Tee



  • Fixed bugs causing UI screens to freeze
  • Party chat log now clears when entering a lobby
  • In-game chat will resume if temporarily interrupted.
  • Bots are no longer always on the radar. Bots will show when running and firing their weapon.
  • Beam reticle blends color based on damage and distance
  • Rare Server Crash fix
  • Bandwidth optimization and improvements

Map Rebalancing

We figured all our maps needed a nice coat of “hawtnezz”, so we rearranged the item locations for each map and each associated game mode. This gives each map a new tactical approach, just in time for some private matchin’. (new map layout in yellow)