Island Haunt Productions – The Facility – Haunted House



  So I’m not really into scary things. It’s not that I am afraid, it’s just that they don’t scare me. But let me tell you this. This haunted house, this thing… makes people scream and scream and pass out and pee themselves. No joke.

Located in Nanaimo BC at Beban Park at the VIEX fairgrounds, Island Haunt Productions is a company run by Husband/Wife combo Stephen & Kerry. They have dozens of volunteer minions that help them build, setup, run and scare people, and from what I have seen, do a damn good job of it.


Island Haunt Productions has been scaring people since 2002 and this years theme is called The Facility. The description from their website is


Welcome to G.A.M.E. Enterprises. The most advanced innovators of Genetically Advanced Molecular Enhancements for humans. As you enter The Facility, you will notice that not all of the research goes as planned and not all the attempts are successful. The haunt consists of tight and confining rooms that are inhabited by patients whose rehabilitations are still in progress. We assure you that your mind, your senses, and your humanity will be tested.


I mean, just look at the flyer! That’s creepy enough in itself!the_facility_poster_2015

On their opening night, they said they had 3 people wet themselves and 1 person had to have an ambulance called because they passed out and fainted (they were ok). It is just THAT GOOD! And they say that people peeing themselves isn’t out of the norm. People do it all the time according to the volunteers and for some strange reason, the customers actually tell them that they did. It’s like a badge of honor I guess.

They are open October 23rd & 24th and from October 26th to 31st from 7pm-11pm. Tickets are only $10 and you get them at the door!  I highly recommend going to it if you live anywhere near Nanaimo BC or even if you don’t. Make the drive. I also recommend coming earlier than later. The lines get long and they do stop sales based on the length of the line if it’s to late. So get there early!

For more information check out their website at

Happy Halloween!