Free My Apps Referral Link / Promo Code Explanation / Review – FREE MONEY!

Free My Apps is another Play to Earn app in which has curated apps in which you can download to earn credits in which you can exchange for gift cards. It’s made by the same people who make Appzone. So that means you can have both apps on your device, log in with the same info, and earn 2x the points towards the same account (sometimes, read below). I find the games in Free My Apps don’t pay as much as Applike or Fitplay, but what Free My Apps and Appzone have that the other 2 don’t is the ability to watch ads for points. I haven’t actually counted what the limit per day is on watching ads, but there is one. This is actually what I have made the most money on. While I am just sitting doing whatever on the computer or watching TV, I just click the watch ad button, let it do its thing, and make money. You can make like 100 credits a day per app (so like 200 if you have both Appzone and Free My Apps, again more on this below)

I do find that Free My Apps has less to choose from in terms of games / apps compared to Applike or Fitplay. Applike and Fitplay are definitely the better gaming recommendation apps and make more money, but like I said on the Appzone review, you can have them all, and if they have the same games loaded, you will get credit on all of the apps! Right now, I can, when the apps line up right, have 5 apps getting credit from the same game with Free My Apps, Appzone, Fitplay, Applike and Mistplay.

Free My Apps and Appzone don’t always work like that though, most of the times it doesn’t as they share the account if you set it up that way, but if you log in under separate accounts (which I believe may be against their TOS but I am unsure) it does.

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Free My Apps description from the play store

Get rewarded for playing fun games, trying new apps and watching cool videos.


** NEW! Introducing Video: Earn even more credits by watching videos from your favorite YouTube streamers. **


Earn gift cards to popular retailers (Amazon, Xbox, Google Play, and more) and free in-game currencies (Gems, COD Points, Diamonds, Fifa Coins, and more), just for discovering the newest Android games and apps.


** Over $31 Million in Gift Cards Earned using FreeMyApps! **

As said above, you can currently redeem your units for gift cards and other things, Here is the current complete list from my app (Canada);

  • Itunes Gift Card
  • Google Play Gift Card
  • CVS Gift Card
  • Steam Gift Card
  • Starbucks Gift Card
  • Bestbuy Gift Card
  • Target Gift Card
  • Sephora Gift Card
  • Famdango Gift Card
  • Groupon Gift Card
  • Xbox Gift Card
  • Facebook Gift Card
  • Nascar Superstore Gift Card
  • Amazon Gift card (seems to be hit and miss when its available)

They say you can also redeem for other things like gems, points and more, but in my location (Canada) there isn’t that option. Only Gift Cards that are listed above. And even that, they seem to vary what is available. At the time of writing this, the list above is what I had available. Now at time of publishing (a few days later) I only have 4.

  • $5 Amazon GC
  • $10, $25, $50 Google play store GC
  • $10, $20 Steam GC
  • $10 Visa GC

Appzone / Free My Apps both by far has the most choices of giftcards (usually) available out of all the apps I’ve listed so far, but it doesn’t have a direct cash out to Paypal option which is it’s only downfall. Yes it has to a Visa GC, but I would rather have it in my Paypal. I have also noticed that one of my devices won’t get offers as much as another device. They say all apps are dependent on location and device.

You may also get some times that you are out of your normal geolocation and that offers aren’t available for you because of it. If this happens for more than a day (sometimes it will just happen for an hour or so) just send them a quick support ticket through the app and they will fix it!

So what are you waiting for! Download Free My Apps on the appstore today and start earning free money!!