Online Map for Arma 2 Epoch Napf

Arma 2 Napf Map

Arma 2 Napf Map

Hey all, just thought I would share a zoomable map I made for Epoch Napf made with leaflet. This was the first time I used leaflet so the writing of the code is quite…less than desired. But it works great. I know this isn’t a review, but I still think you guys should know about it. Since a lot of my traffic is from gamers. There is a direct link on the top menu of the website but if you want to go straight there from this post, here’s the link.

Since I am/was new to the map and I hate bringing up in game map as I can get shot, I decided to create an online map so I could view on my 2nd monitor or tablet or phone.



  • It has all the major cities plus most of the little ones.
  • It has in game coordinates
  • 6 zoom levels
  • works on android (so I guess it works on others)
  • it’s super awesome! (Best feature right there)


Coming soon features:

  • will be updating when next version (or final version) comes out.
  • adding more smaller cities and making the larger cities name bigger than the smaller ones.

The link again.


Hope you find it useful.