Enemy Front PC Review

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Enemy Front, a World War 2 FPS, was released for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on June 10th 2014. The game was developed by CI Games and published by Bandai Namco Games and was initially announced way back in 2011. It was originally supposed to be released in 2012, but then pushed back to first half of 2013, then second half of 2013, and finally then 2014. Even with all the extensions of release dates, the game was never fully completed as announced. The game originally announced and showed various weapons in their early trailers and called them signature weapons, but they never made it into the game. Let see how the game actually is!



The backstory of the game is you, Robert Hawkins, is an American War Correspondent who is caught up in WW2 against various resistance groups. You end up finding help from people along the way and the game is played through your characters flashbacks. A nice thing about Enemy Front is that even though it is a World War 2 game, it isn’t all about Germany. It actually goes into other theaters of war such as Poland and Norway.  Another interesting feature is you can play the game to fit your play and fighting style. You just want to run and gun? You can do that. You want to be stealthy and sabotage things? You can do that. The game offers more than your typical WW2 “Run here, shoot that” gameplay that most WW2 FPS games have. One thing that doesn’t make sense is that your character, is a journalist, who ends up being solo fighting his way through Europe and is a pro soldier all of a sudden.

The game features 4 different gameplay modes. Singleplayer Campaign, Multiplayer Deathmatch, Multiplayer Team Deathmatch, and Multiplayer Radio Transmission.  Enemy Front multiplayer

The single player campaign mode is quite short with only 12 missions. Most people have been saying around a 9-10 hour gameplay time.  I finished it in about 11-12 hours, but I was doing things that the normal person wouldn’t do while playing, trying to find out secret or abnormal stuff. I didn’t find much other than weird invisible walls and such. The only real main gameplay character feature that stands out is the classic CI Games sniper system. The whole, hold your breath, slow down time, and take wind into account when sniping. Adds a lot more than your typical point and shoot.

The Multiplayer modes support up to 12 players, which is extremely small for a multiplayer game. Deathmatch is well, deathmatch. Shoot, kill, die, respawn, repeat. There aren’t a lot of people playing at the moment and most servers are empty. But if you like to play a FPS that is like any other FPS, then you will like this. Every time I tried to join a server that was running the Radio Transmission mode, I could never connect to it. I did some googling and found that other people had the same problem. I don’t know why.



Enemy Front graphics


The graphics in Enemy Front are average at best. It made me feel like I was playing a game back in the late 90’s. While the surrounding objects graphics are actually quite good, the human textures are not so good. As you can see on the picture to the left, it just isn’t what you would expect from a 2014 game release. This may be because the game started back in 2011.  The weapons have decent detail on them, but overall the graphics aren’t up to par for me. You may also find that on even the best of computers, you will experience massive frame drops. People have been reporting it all over the web.

The minimap is a little large and even though it is transparent, it still got in my way. You really don’t need a minimap that big. And having your weapon ammo and equipment covering the bottom left corner, seems silly. The had plenty enough room so they didn’t overlap, but they tried to be different, and I don’t like it. Move that info off to the left, and make the minimap smaller.




Let’s do a good news, bad news, good news sandwich. The good news is, the background music is really good at setting the mood for the game. The bad news is, the voice audio does not match up with the graphics (as seen in the video below), the good news is that the directional sound is accurate. If you hear a gun shot to your left, there is actually someone to your left, not your right or behind. Overall the audio is decent but the non-matching lips to sound bothers me to the point of not wanting to watch another character talk.


Enemy Front pc vs 360Overall

Overall, Enemy Front is just another WW2 FPS. If this game came out when it was supposed to back in 2012, and looked like it did in the initial trailers, I believe this review would of probably been different. But with the technologies and skill out today, there is no reason for a game like this to be in this state. I mean, how hard is it to match voice to mouth. If you like FPS multiplayer games set in WW2 time, and you have the original Call of Duty, stick with COD. If you want a new game that shows more of WW2 than the Germans, then this is a game that will be for you.  At a price tag of $29.99 it is an alright buy. Definitely would not pay any more than that and I think it is more on the level of a $19.99 game. So wait for it to be on sale before picking it up.