Dr Pepper Vanilla Float – Review

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Dr. Pepper, the “Always one of a kind” soda, has come out in May 2014 with a new limited edition flavor. Dr Pepper Vanilla Float. So why is this review worthy? Well for starters, us Canadians do not have it. At least not where I live. I only got it on a recent trip to the USA and I fell in love with it.

I tend to call myself a “Self Proclaimed Pop Connoisseur” and my wife rolls her eyes at me. Remember back in the 90’s during the Pepsi Taste test era? I could always pick the difference. I can even tell the difference between Coca Cola made in Canada vs Coca Cola made in the USA. (there’s a 20 calorie difference for those who don’t know) I am just that good.Limited-Edition-Dr-Pepper-Vanilla-Float

The new drink still tastes like the classic Dr. Pepper, but as you might think, it has a hint of vanilla ice cream to it. The flavor isn’t that strong though. I definitely expected a much stronger vanilla taste somewhat similar to Coca Cola Company’s, Coca Cola – Vanilla soda, but it is nothing like it in the vanilla taste . Much more subtle.

The nutritional facts can be seen in the image at the bottom of the review but the main part that everyone wants in the calories and they come in at 160 calories per can. You can pick up the new flavor in the following; 20 oz bottles, 2 Liter bottles, or 12 oz. 12 Pack cans

If you aren’t a fan of Dr. Pepper already, I would guess you probably wouldn’t like the Dr. Pepper Vanilla Float since it still has that Dr. Pepper taste to it. Even if you aren’t or if you are, I still highly suggest you try the vanilla float out. It is limited edition so if you don’t try it before it’s gone, you will lose the chance at possibly finding your new favorite soft drink.  And if you are really a Dr. Pepper fan, I also picked up some Dr. Pepper Hubba Bubba Gum and it tastes like the pop does! Pick a multi-pack up here!




dr pepper vanilla float nutritional facts