Current – Earn Cash Rewards: Play Music & Games! Make Money! Free coins!


Current is an app in which you can earn real items for simply listening to music! That’s it!

We all like to make money online for free. Especially for doing things that we already do without getting paid for it. Like playing games on our phones, or on the computer, and now, just for listening to music! There are hundreds or more (I haven’t counted them) radio stations that you can listen to. You can search by artist or genre and find your perfect mix of music. Then, just go about doing what you normally do and make money doing it!



You’ll earn rewards for:

  • Listening to music trending lists.
  • Streaming unlimited music stations worldwide, in real-time.
  • Listening to music genre lists.
  • Playing music on your lock screen.
  • Offline music streaming recorded from Radio. Make money with off-air listening.
  • Music background play.
  • Playing Top Radio Music Mixes.


You can also gain more credits by doing things like taking surveys, shopping, referring friends, watching ads, and playing games WHILE listening to music. That’s right! In fact, by doing those things, it actually increases the rate in which you gain credits for listening to music also!


You can redeem your points for things like;

  • Real money sent to your Paypal account,
  • Bluetooth headphones,
  • Smart watches
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Google Play gift cards
  • and more!





Listen to music, OFFLINE! And still get paid!

In order to get music offline, choose a radio station to play and press record at the beginning of a song you like. Once you’re done recording, press stop and the recordings will be in your Library. Please note this feature will only work on the radio integration.

It works on both Android and iPhone, though my link is only for Android devices.

So what are you waiting for! Start earning now!








Their description from the app store is the following

🤑Earn cash, yes real cash rewards & get paid money or gift cards for playing music & games on the CURRENT REWARDS app!🤑🎮💵🕹️🎧

Current Rewards free music app, Earn money listening to music & playing games!
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Current Music & Game Rewards are here! The first music platform that rewards you cash! Current Cash Rewards is a subscription-free, free music lock screen that provides users with a seamless free music streaming experience with built-in money making reward opportunities to cash in on your daily habits. Now thats a way to make money!

Earn cash rewards by listening to free music while working out or just charge your phone. Earn cash rewards by listening to our offline free music player & free radio while driving. Make money by listening to a free music player while playing games. Earn rewards listening to free music while at work. Earn cash money rewards 24/7!

Earn Cash Money By Streaming Music For Free! Earn cash by playing favorite music! Earn rewards by completing surveys, sharing opinions, inviting friends, & shopping! Get paid to play games & download the best apps! Cash in that real money you earn from cashback activities & earn PayPal gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Walmart gift cards, & Target gift cards!

Why the Current Rewards app? Who doesn’t want to make money from a free music player? Fast Cash on Current, 100% FREE, but you also earn money!

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🤑 Once you earn enough money to cash in on Current, select money rewards, cash out, & we’ll send an email!

Get Paid Rewards For Listening to free Music. Cash & Money Rewards Paid In Giftcards For Listening To Free Music & Radio! Make Money Walking, Get Paid Real Cash for listening to music on lock screen! Get Paid Real Cash Money for surveys, offers, & playing games! Current is the only place for Free Music, Free Games, Free Money, Saving, & Gift Cards! Stack rewards by listening to our free music player while you get paid to play games!