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CashOut is a free app that you can get on the app store in which you complete offers such as install games, complete surveys or watch ads, to earn credits in which you can convert into actual money or gift cards for stores. Out of all the play to earn that I have tested so far (App Flame / Appstation / Coin Pop / Cash Alarm / Lucky Miner / Money RAWR), Cashout seems to be the hardest and takes the longest to get credits. You still can get credits and make real money or Gift Cards, but it will just take way longer than the others.

At first glance it looks like it has lots of offers, but in reality it just has multiple pages from different companies offering the same offer. So once you do an offer from the ‘fyber’ page, you no longer qualify for the same offer from another page. Also, a lot of the offers are ‘pay to get credit’ offers. Such as ‘download a game and purchase a $5 pack’ to get X number of credits. While in the long run this would most likely give you more money in credits than what you put into it, I just don’t see anyone doing it as most people who are downloading these apps are doing it for that extra little spare change. Don’t fret though, there are plenty of offers in which you download a game an get to level so and so to get credits. So it is a good way of finding new games to play. Also, a lot of the offers to download games, are also games that are on the other money making apps so you are killing 2 birds with 1 stone!

Use the code TVINQDRP

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Cashout’s description from the play store

How it Works
With CashOut you can earn free cash and gift cards by completing offers with only a few taps. Offers consist of simple tasks such as installing free apps, playing games, completing surveys, and watching videos. For every offer you complete, you will be awarded a certain amount of in-app Coins. These Coins can be redeemed for PayPal Cash and other real-life Gift Cards.

You can also earn a lot of Coins by inviting friends and family to use the CashOut. When you refer a friend you and your friend will each be rewarded. In addition to that, you will be awarded 5% commission on every offer your friend completes.

– Daily Check-In: 10 Coins daily bonus
– Referral Program: Invite your friends and you will be awarded 100 Coins, plus 5% commission on lifetime earnings. Your friend will receive 50 Coins.
– 4 Offer and Survey providers: Fyber, Supersonic, AdScendMedia, and more coming soon!
– 5 Video providers: Vungle, Applovin, Supersonic, AdColony, Fyber
– Surveys (coming soon!)

– PayPal Cash: Redeem your Coins to real-life cash.
– Amazon Gift Cards
– Google Play Gift Cards
– Walmart Gift Cards
– Tesco Gift Cards
– Target Gift Cards
– Best Buy Gift Cards
– Whole Foods Market Gift Cards
– PlayStation Gift
– Xbox Gift Cards
– iTunes Gift Cards (coming soon!)
– Steam Gift Cards (coming soon!)

Referral Program
– Simply share your *Referral Code* with your friend from the Invite page.
– Ask your friend to enter your Referral Code after they install the app
– Your friend will be awarded 50 Coins immediately, and you will be awarded 100 Coins plus 5% commission

Note: In order to prevent fraud, your friend must first earn 200 Coins in order for you to receive your reward.

They say there is a long list of gift cards in which you can redeem your credits for. This is regional, as I only have 4 available in Canada.

  • Amazon GC
  • Best Buy Canada GC
  • Cineplex Odeon GC
  • PayPal

But if you switch the drop down menu to other countries, they all have different things you can redeem for. Like the USA has

  • PayPal
  • GC
  • Google Play GC
  • Walmart GC
  • Target GC
  • Whole Foods Market GC
  • Best Buy GC
  • Playstation Store GC
  • Xbox Live GC

And in the United Kingdom there are;

  • PayPal
  • GC
  • Tesco GC
  • The Great British Pub GC
  • John Lewis GC
  • Debenhams GC

I haven’t tested to see if you can redeem your points for other countries than where you are located yet. But as a comparison, for Paypal rewards, $3 CAD is 3200 credits, where $3 USD is 4000 credits, $3 GBP is 4950 credits and $5 AUD is 4700 credits. Someone that has better math skills can find out which is better to get with conversion rates.

This app isn’t bad at all, but like I said, doesn’t pay as well as the others I have reviewed/referral coded above. But, if you want another app to make money (I have all of them going as I am on my computer, every once in a while doing an offer here and there), then why not add another!

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