Cash Alarm referral link code / promo code / 4444 free mcoins & review

Cash Alarm
(This is just a copy paste because it is identical to the other ones, the links have changes to reflect Cash Alarm referral code and description, other than that, it’s the same as the App Flame / Applike / Money RAWR / Coin Pop / Appstation posts. Click the names to go get those and get free coins for real money also!)

Cash Alarm is another play curated games for points to cash in for real money or gift cards app. I believe (not 100% though) it is brought to you by the same people who run Applike, Coinpop, Money RAWR, Appstation, Fitplay, Playbuddy and App Flame (click on the names to read my reviews and get my referral links for free money like this one!). It’s all about playing games (or leaving your phone on with it open) to make money.

Cash Alarm’s official description of their app is a little vague, but here it is.

Cash Alarm: Play new games every day + great achievements

Cash Alarm is so easy to use:

1. Download Cash Alarm now for free and install one of our FREE games
2. The more you play the more you´ll get out of it
3. Unlock great achievements

Download Cash Alarm now for free and start playing free games

But what is that? Well, by know you should know I like to make easy money. If you are a new user to my website, well, I like to make easy money. I mean who doesn’t?

So let me say this. It isn’t a scam. It’s 100% legit. The other apps, Applike/App Flame/CoinPop/Money RAWR/Appstation/fitplay/playbuddy, I have had 3 or 4 androids going at a time, and I’ve easily made over $1000 since I started. For nothing, my phone just sitting there. You can cash out to paypal, amazon gift cards, bass pro shops gift cards, starbucks gift cards, boston pizza gift cards, Itunes & Joey restaurants. I usually just do Paypal or amazon! From reading reviews people have most trouble with paypal so I suggest using gift cards. I only use Amazon gift cards, and I make like $50 a month from them.

I don’t know how many of you play random games on your phones/tablets, but even if you don’t, and you have your phone sitting around all day while you work or at your comp or have an old phone you don’t care about, just install it and make money off “playing” games. I say “playing” because you don’t even have to play. Just set your phone to not shut off while plugged in, plug it in to your charger, open the app and then open a game. “Set it and forget it” as they say. Of course, you can always play the game your download if you want. I actually found a game that I like that pays me which is cool. Free money for doing something I already do.

For the most efficient way of making mCoins (you turn mCoins into real money) I found that there is an optimal time to switch games and install a new one. I can’t tell you exactly what that time is because every single game is different. It’s all up to the app that you are playing. But just look to see if the mCoins don’t seem to be coming in as fast, and install a new game! Simple.

So what are you waiting for! Get free money! If you sign up through my link below, you get 4444 mCoins ($0.50ish) to start just for signing up and then we all get 25% of each others coins per day! I make 1000 mCoins, you get 250 free! You make 1000 mCoins, I get 250 free! It’s a win win! It benefits you to sign up through someones link as opposed to just installing the game without it. Once again…FREE MONEY. You don’t need to enter a code, just install from this link!

Click here to download from the google play store!

Or scan the code below!