The next Battlefield leaked. Battlefield: Hardline

battlefield hardline

Today it was spotted through the recent Battlelog update that the next Battlefield will be called Battlefield: Hardline, a police vs thieves theme game instead of the traditional world warfare style. (edit) There has also been now an official page put up at

game_icons_bfhThe supporting artwork (seen on right) found on their server, shows that the game is looking to be released on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. There are BFH (Battlefield Hardline)  icons and BFH+ icons, in which the BFH+ icons are to be presumably for those with Battlefield Premium and was first noted by GetBlog.


Other new information has been leaked in what looks like to be 4 classes of the soldier. The Enforcer, The Mechanic, The Operator and The Professional. There was also a reference to a map called MP_Downtown and also parts of a message for those signing up for the games beta. Finally there was some game modes seen that battlefield hardline ingame awardsinclude Blood Money, Bomb Squad, Heist and Carrier Assault and some in game awards that are pictured to the left thanks to @BFDaily.


During the update to Battlelog, DICE confirmed that they accidently broke the emblem creator. There was a missing icon named “Visceralskull” which is rumoured to be in reference to the games developer Visceral Games. This will be the first Battlefield that is not handled by DICE if all reports are correct.


Find out more during the EA E3 press conference on June 9th at 12pm PDT live from Los Angeles and hopefully we will get all the info we crave. If I find out more before that, I will let you all know. Until then, (full list on reddit here) has stumbled upon a bunch of images from the css code of EA. Here are the images that he found.




Weapon Accessories


Weapon Icons


Vehicle Icons


Vehicle Unlocks

vehicle unlocks

Swat and Thieves Logos

cops-e802ebde criminals-0d307da2