Arma 3 sells 1 million copies

Arma 3 Review



Arma 3, the military simulator that was released exclusively for the PC on Sept 12 2013, has surpassed the 1 million copies sold mark on May 28th 2014. The announcement was made via Twitter by Bohemia Interactive’s head guy Marek Spanel.




So what does this mean? It means expect to hear a lot more from Arma 3. They just recently came out with their Arma 3 Karts mod, and before that their Zues DLC, and that is only the beginning. Not only is Bohemia Interactive working on more DLC’s and expansions, they have modders busy typing away and even a contest for them at If for some reason you have no idea what Arma 3 is, or you are looking for a review on it, check out our review Arma 3 review!