App Flame referral link code / promo code / 4444 free mcoins & review

App Flame is another play curated games for points to cash in for real money or gift cards app. I believe (not 100% though) it is brought to you by the same people who run Applike, Coinpop, Fitplay, Playbuddy and Money RAWR (click on the names to read my reviews and get my referral links like this one!). It’s all about playing games (or leaving your phone on with it open) to make money.

App Flame‘s official description of their app is

Find the best new apps and games with App Flame!

The best app recommendations just for you! No more endless searching for apps & gaming! App Flame recommends games and apps that match your preferences – at no charge. If you try them, you’ll get a small reward. Strategy games, brain teasers or action gaming, we recommend gaming apps that really suit you!

App Flame is simple, totally free and we tailor recommendations to what you like. You will find the right games for you for free. The best part is, you earn gift rewards!

Download App Flame now for free, get custom app recommendations and exchange your collected points (mCoins) for great gift rewards! It’s as easy as that! No other app makes getting free rewards easier. Of all the apps that pay you money, App Flame has the highest payouts, best rewards and best ways to earn bonuses. Enjoy fun apps and gaming while earning a reward!

How does collecting mCoins in App Flame work?

It’s easy!

1. Download one of our recommended game apps for free and give it a try.
2. For each app recommendation you try out you will get mCoins. The longer you actively use an app, the more mCoins you will get, and the bigger the gift & reward!
3. Exchange the mCoins you have collected for your favorite rewards like real money or gift cards for Amazon, Google Play and more!

With App Flame, you will get app recommendations based on your interests and on apps that you have already installed. Of course all apps that we recommend are FREE OF CHARGE and offer gifts and rewards for trying them!

Sign up for App Flame, collect your first mCoins and grab your reward! With our app recommendations you will not only discover exciting game apps, by trying out these free apps you will also get great rewards. Earn real money with the best free rewards app!

Your friends also want great gift rewards? Invite them with our invite code and earn bonus mCoins. Start right away and get rewards for discovering and trying complimentary games and apps. Rewarding has never been easier, and gaming with friends has never been so fun!

– Great app recommendations – 100% free of charge and tailored to your taste
– Have fun and simplify your daily routine by using the apps
– Exchange your collected mCoins for great rewards
– Rewarding you for discovering cool apps!

Download App Flame, start gaming and earning your first reward! We hope you have fun discovering apps and collecting mCoins!

But what is that? Well, by know you should know I like to make easy money. If you are a new user to my website, well, I like to make easy money. I mean who doesn’t?

So let me say this. It isn’t a scam. It’s 100% legit. The other apps, Applike/CoinPop/fitplay/playbuddy/Money RAWR, I have had 3 or 4 androids going at a time, and I’ve easily made over $1000 since I started. For nothing, my phone just sitting there. You can cash out to paypal, amazon gift cards, bass pro shops gift cards, starbucks gift cards, boston pizza gift cards, Itunes & Joey restaurants. I usually just do Paypal or amazon! From reading reviews people have most trouble with paypal so I suggest using gift cards.

I don’t know how many of you play random games on your phones/tablets, but even if you don’t, and you have your phone sitting around all day while you work or at your comp or have an old phone you don’t care about, just install it and make money off “playing” games. I say “playing” because you don’t even have to play. Just set your phone to not shut off while plugged in, plug it in to your charger, open the app and then open a game. “Set it and forget it” as they say. Of course, you can always play the game your download if you want. I actually found a game that I like that pays me which is cool. Free money for doing something I already do.

For the most efficient way of making mCoins (you turn mCoins into real money) I found that there is an optimal time to switch games and install a new one. I can’t tell you exactly what that time is because every single game is different. It’s all up to the app that you are playing. But just look to see if the mCoins don’t seem to be coming in as fast, and install a new game! Simple.

So what are you waiting for! Get free money! If you sign up through my link below, you get 4444 mCoins ($0.50ish) to start just for signing up and then we all get 25% of each others coins per day! I make 1000 mCoins, you get 250 free! You make 1000 mCoins, I get 250 free! It’s a win win! It benefits you to sign up through someones link as opposed to just installing the game without it. Once again…FREE MONEY. You don’t need to enter a code, just install from this link!

Click here to download from the google play store!

13 Comments on “App Flame referral link code / promo code / 4444 free mcoins & review”

    1. 2 of the same apps? or of the ones I listed? You can have all the separate apps installed. You cant have 2 of the same I dont think (like 2 app flames). I have them all installed. And some times, like I said, you will be able to download the same offers and gain credits for the different apps (app flame / applike / money rawr / coin pop).

        1. It seems that fitplay is the major culprit of people getting banned. thats why I put possible scam under it and removed my referral links. Sucks tho. I have been banned from fitplay (and playbuddy) also, but not the others. Seems that their databases are only shared between some apps.

  1. I tried to sign into app flame and they said they expected suspicious usage behavior what does that even mean I play mini golf on the app flame site that is it nothing else so how is that suspicious behavior it won’t even let me in to check on my coins or anyting please contact me back as soon as possible [email protected] thanks again

  2. How long does it usually take for the coins to show up in the app for you? I’ve been playing for a few days now and no new coins 🙁

  3. I installed the App Flag on my brothers phone but I used my loging to show him. Now we tried to unistall the app but now dont allow us to Create a new account. How I can resolve this issue or what is the support contact information?

    Thanks in Advance

    1. Unfortunately there is no way to fix. You can try contacting the devs but I have yet to hear of anyone actually getting a response. Once you log in it tracks the phones hardware ID to the login. So even if you buy a used phone and someone else has previously installed and logged in, even if its reset, its still tied.

  4. App flame is a scam. Downloaded a game that claimed 503 coins per min, played for over an hour and never received a another coin aside from the original 4444 I got for downloading the app. Wrote to them repeatedly and never hear a thing back from them. Ever!

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