Wednesday, June 4th, 2014


Logitech G105 Review

Logitech G105

Simple yet effective. Logitech G105 As a long time gamer and now a writer/reviewer, keyboards are the thing that I am most picky about when I am on my computer. It doesn’t have to have a million bells and whistles, it doesn’t need to have a separate gaming pad, it just needs to feel right. From $14.99 to $149.99 I have bought every price range between, and some of the best keyboards I have ever had are in the $29.99 range. That is until, I purchased the Logitech G105 for $59.99 a fewRead More

Sniper Elite 2 – Free on Steam until June 5th

sniper elite v2

  Get it while you can, Sniper Elite 2 is free on Steam until June 5th at 10AM PST. Game: Sniper Elite V2 Developer: Rebellion Developments Publisher: 505 Games Here is the official trailer for v2     Also, you can pre-order your Sniper Elite 3 on Steam now, which comes out June 27th 2014. You get 20% off and a free DLC.  Get it here!   -Kassquatch    

Oberyn vs Mountain – How the Game of Thrones fight was supposed to end

game of thrones

  Spoiler alert – if you haven’t seen last Sundays episode stop reading   Last Sundays Game of Thrones was a doozy of an episode, but like many other fans I was not impressed with another character that I liked being killed.  User Ozzy Man over at YouTube has come up with a much better ending.         Of course this will never happen, but how awesome would Game of Thrones be with some William Wallace and Tina Turner. What did you think of it?   –Kassquatch

100 ballz – Android App Review

100 ballz

  A new free game was released a couple weeks ago on the Google play store called 100 ballz. Yes, that’s ballz with a Z. The copy is from iOS 100 balls (yes with an S). For such a simple game it is extremely addicting.   The premise of the game is simple, you drop your balls from the large container into the buckets that slide by below. Balls that go into the bucket get deposited back into the large holding container, balls that you miss slip away into oblivion.Read More

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