100 ballz – Android App Review

100 ballz


A new free game was released a couple weeks ago on the Google play store called 100 ballz. Yes, that’s ballz with a Z. The copy is from iOS 100 balls (yes with an S). For such a simple game it is extremely addicting.   The premise of the game is simple, you drop your balls from the large container into the buckets that slide by below. Balls that go into the bucket get deposited back into the large holding container, balls that you miss slip away into oblivion. You start with 100 balls total (they worked hard on the game name huh) and when you have missed your last ball the game ends.  The farther you go along with he buckets below start to change colors, which in turn, changes your ball colors to match said bucket. Your holding container will become a rainbow of balls and the key is to drop your colored balls into the matching color bucket for maximum points. That is the game. Simple yet effective.



100 ballsAs you can see from the photo to the left, the graphics are dead simple. But with a dead simple game is there really a need to jazz it up with tons of distracting things? The graphics work beautiful fitting in with the premise of simplicity.


The audio in 100 Ballz is quite comical really. Even the music in the background is a simple piano with a old western entertainment feel. Something the ice cream man would play in his truck as he is driving down the street. I personally mute the music, as I do in any game I play but if you are the type to leave it on I’m sure that it wouldn’t be too annoying. During actual gameplay along with the background music, the only other sound you hear is a chime that seems straight out of a Mario game. Every time I heard it I was waiting for Mario to say “hehe I got it” in his bad Italian accent. Simple sounds for a simple game.


That is all their is to the free version. There is a paid100 ballz version in which removes the ads but that is all it does at the current time. Overall it is a decent game that can kill time very well. 100 Ballz currently has a Google Play store ranking of 3.6 out of 5 but from reading the reviews it was because people complaining of the ads. I personally didn’t notice or have any problem with them but people were saying that when an ad switches it lags their game. I’m guessing they have dear phones. So take that with a grain of salt.


Have you tried it? What was your high score? Post it below!